Cheng Anran finally chatted with Lu Bainan Yeshan and the others “Dingling, Dingling”. A rapid ringing came from the small Bluetooth headset on Cheng Anran’s ear. Cheng Anran frowned, said and walked into the corner. Kang Tong? Why does he call the shop at this time? What happened? An uneasy feeling spread from my heart. I connected the phone and only heard Kang Tong eagerly shouting: “Boss, come back soon, there seems to be something wrong with Jiaojiao!” “I see.” Cheng Anran finished speaking and hung up. After calling, I talked to Yi Huai on WeChat, then issued an emergency notice to the three anti-drug groups, and walked in the direction of the changing room. At this time, Yi Huai was chatting with these wives very well, and the atmosphere was good, after all, they were beautiful, gentle and generous. Mainly came from Lu, Lin, and Gu. Even if the relationship is not good, Y is the four family members at any rate, and the relationship cannot be frozen.
Cheng Anran didn’t notice Gu Pingyi and Lin Zeyi inside the washing stage. She still had important things to do. However, when Gu Ping saw her, he dropped Lin Zeyi’s footsteps and followed him. Since the last time Z city was parted , He vaguely felt that it might be that he was looking for a sex person, so now he would go quietly, and he wanted to see if it was right, but he was not sure. But he didn’t expect her to change clothes. When he saw Cheng Anran walk into the changing room, he didn’t have any attachments, turned around and left. At this time, Lin Zeyi on the washing stage had also finished vomiting, and was sitting there crying, and the enlightenment work fell on the iceman Gu Balance.
The entire building of the Public Security Bureau of Y City is sparsely lit with a few lights on. The third floor 303 office room is fully staffed. Ten days ago, their undercover agents broke into a huge drug trafficking group, but they I underestimated the power of this group. The undercover agents that have already entered are counted as L. A total of three undercover agents have entered. Although there are few useful data, the retail sales are still relatively large. This time the information from L is more important, Santai The abandoned factory was used for large-scale drug trade, the time was three days later, that is, on May 13, and they are now discussing with the second group how to cancel this trade activity, and they did not discuss until the early morning to finalize the plan.
When Cheng Anran went back, the whole family was dying happily. Her job was too dangerous. Even if a meeting was held, the plan would be surprisingly worrying. This kind of family affection took away her concerns two years ago. Dispelled, but the outsiders are green and still remain indifferent.

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