In 630 BC, Nebuchadnezzar, the eldest son of Popalasaar, King of Chaldea, was born. When he was a teenager, Nebuchadnezzar followed his father in the north and south, fought against Assyria and Egypt, unified Babylon, and walked through it. Where, there is no one who does not surrender. This hero is invincible and invincible, but he encountered a bottleneck when he captured the kingdom of Judah, a people who competed with God. The kingdom of Judah is like a fierce teacher and encounters the same Babylonian kingdom like a lion. How can he bow his head? Promise? However, the kingdom of Judah today is no longer the master of the Quartet when Emperor Solomon was in power. Now the master of the Quartet has been replaced by Babylon, where the iron hoof has passed. When King Nebuchadnezzar’s army surrounded the city of the Kingdom of Judah mightily, Nebuchadnezzar sneered dismissively and said: “The kingdom of God is now being destroyed by my Nebuchadnezzar. “The soldiers under his command praised: “My lord Nebuchadnezzar, all people in the world are discouraged by hearing your name.”
Nebuchadnezzar said in a loud voice: “I, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, king of the Quartet, Lord of the universe, today you wait to conquer this kingdom of God with me, and teach everyone in the world to know me Nebuchadnezzar Sa is the king of the Quartet, the lord of the universe. The siege begins.” After that, Nebuchadnezzar’s soldiers fired a thousand arrows, and the siege hammer shook the mountains in the Kingdom of Judah. Not long after, the gates of the Kingdom of Judah were breached, and Nebuchadnezzar’s soldiers swarmed in like locusts, threw the babies in Judah to death on the rocks, and insulted the women in Judah. And Zedekiah, king of Judah, broke through the south gate of the city and fled to Arabah before the city was breached. Nebuchadnezzar’s soldiers pursued with horses, causing Zedekiah to be captured and taken to Nebuchadnezzar’s horse. Nebuchadnezzar sternly rebuked Zedekiah: “I sent you to be the king of Judah. ​​Why did you betray me Nebuchadnezzar?”
   Zedekiah raised his head and smiled contemptuously: “My subjects are not your subjects, and my lord is not yours.”
   Nebuchadnezzar sneered and said, “Your subjects are not my subjects and whose subjects are you? Who are your subjects?”
   Zedekiah said to heaven: “God too.”
Nebuchadnezzar sternly reprimanded: “I heard that there is a first known as Jeremiah in your country, and he is running around calling for your country not to fight against my Babylon. He is also called the prophet of the God you speak of. Why don’t you listen? Now that you say that your subjects are God’s subjects and your Lord is God, don’t you teach people to laugh and be generous?” After that, King Nebuchadnezzar ordered the soldiers to kill in front of Zedekiah. After all the sons of Zedekiah, he ordered the soldiers to gouge out the eyes of Zedekiah, so that Zedekiah remembered that the scene he saw at the last moment was that all his sons were killed one by one in his presence. As the result of betraying Nebuchadnezzar. Zedekiah, the king of Judah, whose eyes were plucked, was chained to Babylon with the captive warriors, wise men, craftsmen, strong people, and women of the Kingdom of Judah to serve Babylon.

   (a sigh of the Jewish exile in Babylon)
   We once sat down by the river in Babylon,
   I cried as soon as I remembered Zion.
   We hung the piano on the willow tree there.
   Because there, the captives want us to sing,
   rob us, want us to have fun.
   said: “Sing us a Zion song.”
  How can we sing the song of the Lord in the Gentiles?
   Jerusalem, if I forget you,
  I wish my right hand forget the technique.
   If I don’t remember you,
   If I don’t see Jerusalem more than I am most happy,
  I wish my tongue stuck to the mouth.
  The day of suffering in Jerusalem,
   The Edomite said, demolish, demolish,
   straight to the foundation. Lord
   Please remember this grudge.
  The city of Babylon about to be destroyed,
   Get revenge on you like you treated us,
   That person is blessed.
   took your baby and threw it on the rock,
   That person is blessed.

   Among the Jews captured to Babylon, there were four young men. The names of these four young men were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishali, and Azariah. Nebuchadnezzar was eager for love. He asked the chief eunuch to gather some talented young people from the noble clan captured from the Jewish kingdom and a large group of young people from other conquered nations he collected. Let them learn the Chaldean language together, and distribute part of the good wine and food they eat to them every day to entertain them and raise them for three years, so that they can manage Babylon for Nebuchadnezzar after the three-year period expires. Affairs.
   The great holy man whom Daniel and the four of them trusted did not allow them to eat food that worshipped idols, nor did they allow them to drink. They truly believe in the Great Holy One, and they are determined to abide by the requirements of the Great Holy One.
When Daniel affirmed his ambition to the chief eunuch, the chief eunuch said with embarrassment: “No one in the world is afraid of my lord the king, although I serve by my lord the king, and I am the person most trusted by my lord and the king. , I am also afraid of my lord the king. This food to support you is the food that my lord the king divides out a part of the food he eats every day and assigns it to you all those who are prepared to manage the affairs of our country for the lord and the king. If you don’t eat it , When compared with the others among you, your face will be thin and skinny. When the time comes, my lord and the king will see it. Wouldn’t you be angry with me, thinking that I deliberately greeted the food that should be assigned to you, or have selfish disgust Treating you, like that, I won’t be able to keep my head in the head. You are the people chosen by my lord the king, and you will serve my lord the king in the future. Wouldn’t I be conscientious and conscientious? How can I be negligent?”
After the chief eunuch went back, the chief eunuch’s assistant distributed a designated part of the good wine and food Nebuchadnezzar ate to Daniel and the four of them, but Daniel and the four continued to not eat. Food distributed. The chief eunuch’s assistant begged and said, “Why do you guys embarrass me? I just helped my master. Last time you refused to eat the food distributed. You confessed, why do you bother me?”
Daniel said to the chief eunuch’s assistant: “We are not trying to embarrass you, but we are determined to trust in the power of heaven, so we don’t eat anything that worships idols or drink alcohol. In order not to embarrass you, we will Please Bing Ming, your chief eunuch, let us eat only vegetarian dishes, and drink only water. After ten days, we will see if we are thinner than those who eat the king’s meal, if we are thinner than those who eat the king’s meal. We are a little thin, but we will have no problem eating the king’s meal.”
   The assistant to the chief eunuch replied to the proposal made by the chief eunuch Daniel. The powerful person made Daniel a special appreciation for the chief eunuch. Therefore, the chief eunuch granted Daniel’s proposal. The assistant to the chief eunuch was ordered by the chief eunuch to withdraw the diet of the four Daniel and the others in accordance with the requirements of Daniel and the others. After ten days of this, the assistant to the chief eunuch saw that Daniel and the four of them were not a little thinner, on the contrary, their complexion and physique were more lustrous than ten days ago. The assistant to the chief eunuch therefore stopped eating the king’s meal for Daniel and the four of them during mealtimes, and only fed the four of Daniel and the others with vegetable dishes and white water.
During these three years of study, the Great Wisdom bestowed Daniel and the four of them with multi-faceted wisdom and knowledge, and opened Daniel’s eyes of understanding, so that Daniel could master the mystery of astronomy, geography, sun, moon, and stars, and solve the differences. The ability to see what is going to happen in the real world contrasted by images and dreams.
Three years have passed. The chief eunuch brought the young people of all ethnic groups who had been gathered by King Nebuchadnezzar Sasho to study together to the palace of Babylon to meet Nebuchadnezzar. The process of Nebuchadnezzar speaking with these young men. In, it was discovered that four of the young people in this group had better knowledge and insights than the other young people, so Nebuchadnezzar left these four young people to serve as an advisory group in the palace. The four young men who were appreciated by the king of Babylon and stayed in the palace as an advisory board were none other than Daniel, Hananiah, Mishali, and Azariah.
Nebuchadnezzar had a dream in the second year after uniting the Quartet, but when he woke up he forgot what the dream was, so he was upset and could not sleep at night for the next few nights, thinking about it. What dreams I had that night, but no matter how hard I tried to recall, I couldn’t recall the content of the dreams that night, so that I couldn’t think of why I didn’t sleep all night. After a few days, Nebuchadnezzar really couldn’t bear the pain, so he took all those who were raised in the palace for divination, celestial statues, incense burning, gods, spellcasters, and gu planters. Called together, and also called the Chaldeans who are of the same clan as their own confidants, wanting them to solve the dream that haunted him so that he can sleep peacefully.
In the hall, after they came together, Nebuchadnezzar spoke to them: “A few days ago, I had a dream. This dream made me upset for a few days. Today, I call you together. This is a quick solution to my sleepless dream.”
   The people who were called up said to Nebuchadnezzar: “Long live my king, so I ask the king to tell me about the dream he has made, and I will be able to explain the dream described by the king.”
Nebuchadnezzar said to them with a gloomy expression: “I have forgotten this dream. You should think of a way to remember this dream I had and then interpret it. If you can’t recall the dream I had and how to explain it. If I don’t dream of this dream, I will cut your bunch of useless wastes a thousand dollars, destroy your houses and turn them into dung piles. But if you remember this dream I had and solve it In this dream I have, I will make your lintel loud and prosperous.”
The divination, the sky-viewing, the incense-burning, the god, the spellcasting, the planting Gu, as well as the Chaldeans who are of the same race as King Nebuchadnezzar, all looked at each other and talked a lot, because they didn’t listen. Nebuchadnezzar’s request was illogical. Not long after, someone replied to Nebuchadnezzar, saying: “Please tell the king the dreams his servants have. As long as he tells his servants the dreams he has dreamed, the servants will definitely be able to interpret the dreams the king has dreamed.”
   Nebuchadnezzar was furious when he heard the words, and with a “pop” the fruit glass on the table in front of the throne fell to the ground. And sternly rebuked them: “I know you trash is looking for time and delays. You see that I forgot my dream, and it is not easy to realize your lies. You have always used lies to deceive me. I can’t control so much. Now, if you don’t remember the dream I had today and explain it so that I can sleep peacefully, you will never sleep anymore. I know that you have great magical powers, and you must be able to remember what I did. Dreams and interpret the dreams I have. Now, you must hurry up and interpret the dreams I have.”
Faced with Nebuchadnezzar’s unreasonable demands, the Chaldean confidants of the same race said to Nebuchadnezzar: “Why does the king be so hard on them? Even though they have great magical powers, they can’t exert their power. Things that can’t be reached. There has never been a king or minister who views the sky, burns incense, invites gods, casts spells, planters, or we Chaldeans have inquired about such things. Just ask who in this world Can anyone answer the king’s doubts? No one can answer. No one can tell the king about this except for the gods who do not live with the filthy and dirty world.”
After listening to what he said, Nebuchadnezzar’s “Ah” was completely collapsed, but Nebuchadnezzar stood up from the throne and yelled wildly, and then the man in front of the throne The table was overturned to the ground, and he drew out the sword that he was wearing and slashed at the table. After venting his immediate anger, he pointed the sword at those who watched the sky, burned incense, invited the gods, and performed the heavenly statues, burning incense, and praying under the Great Highness. The magician and the Gu planter said: “I am so good to nurture you people, is this how you people repay me? You trash, since it can’t solve my urgent things, I will keep you What’s the use?”
Afterwards, Nebuchadnezzar issued an order to the guards standing next to the main hall: “The guards will follow the order, from now on, within three days, all the celestial statues, incense burners, gods, and spells in the entire city of Babylon will be collected. The people who planted Gu, and the philosophers were imprisoned for death and labor. Three days later, they were escorted to the execution ground for questioning, and none of them were left.”
   The command was issued, and the guards immediately obeyed their orders. The people who watched the sky, burned incense, invited gods, cast spells, and planted Gus who were standing under the Great Highness were all struggling and crying under the drag of the soldiers. All of a sudden, injustices arose in the hall, but Nebuchadnezzar was unmoved.
   The confidant of the same Chaldeans persuaded Nebuchadnezzar to take back his sincerity, saying: “Long live my king, magnanimous, just kill the innocent indiscriminately because of this, and lose the dignity of my king.”
   Nebuchadnezzar put down his sword, turned his head to face the henchmen of his clan, and was silent for a moment, which was in stark contrast to the noisy situation of the Great Highness. Soon, Nebuchadnezzar said softly to his confidant: “You’d better not speak, lest I turn my face and ruthless relatives to deny it.”
In this way, the actions of arresting all sky-viewers, incense-burning, god-inviting, spell-casting, insulting, and philosophers in the whole city of Babylon are in full swing, and countless people have been arrested in death jail waiting for questions. cut.

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