“Today, everyone is welcome to attend the birthday party of Cheng Xiao, the master of our Cheng family. Of course, apart from this, there is another important event to be announced. Then please announce the birthday star tonight!” The butler said in the hall. It sounded, many people were talking about Cheng Anran and Yi Huai. After all, people in City Y knew that Cheng Xiao had remarried a woman, Yi Huai, and Cheng Anran was not Cheng Xiao’s. Everyone knows what the children are like, but they don’t know what these two women look like, and Cheng Zhiwen has been open since he was born. “Hello everyone!” Cheng Xiao’s voice interrupted the discussion. “I believe everyone is very interested in my wife and daughter. Then, I will invite my wife Yi Huai and second daughter Cheng Anran to the stage!” The following sounded. applause. On the stage, Cheng Xiao continued to say, “This is my wife, this is my daughter. They are very kind, please take care of them in the future.” The people present were shocked. Cheng Anran is beautiful, and she is also an iceberg beauty. Forget it, why is this genetic? Yi Huai is also beautiful, but very gentle, contrary to Cheng Anran’s character, but the beauty must be hereditary, all beautiful and dynamic, but Yi Huai is still a bit of beauty stolen by the years. 8
   At this time, Cheng Yuexiu and Cheng Zhiwen also walked up, stood together, and took photos. Then I talked about Datong again and again, which can prove that Cheng Xiao is very happy, and there is nowhere to hide his joy.
   “Next, please help yourself.” Cheng Xiao stopped the conversation.
During this period, many wealthy children in City Y came to Cheng Anran to have a toast. It was not so much a toast as to strike up a conversation, but Cheng Anran didn’t know how to drink, only beer, and all those who came to her to strike up a conversation with her I don’t know how to drink wine, so I called Tang Zhe, Sun Yin, and Cheng Yuexiu to drink. There was also a policewoman named Ye Shan with Cheng Anran. Now she is talking about clothing with Lu Bainan. Lu Bainan is studying fashion design, and Ye Shan again I’m a clothing lover, so I come to talk naturally. However, only Gu Pingyi drank Lin Zeyi and two people were drinking in the corner. Lin Zeyi drank his girlfriend’s death, and no one knew about it, only Gu Pingyi knew. Gu Balance accompanies him to talk about his first encounter with his girlfriend, to love, and then to the cliff ten days ago. It hurts mentally. But just talk to Gu Balance. On the other side, Lu Baiqian was going crazy. From Tang Zhe and Sun Yincheng Yuexiu to Cheng Anran, they kept talking and drinking. During this, I realized that they were police officers because they belonged to Cheng Anran’s subordinates, so they were naturally familiar, especially Tang Zhe, who talked a lot, was interesting, and also behaved generously. But Ji Yue is very annoyed. If this is City Z, she will have to suffer for Cheng Anran, but this is not City Z, this is City Y, it is the territory of the Cheng family, and she has been staring at Cheng Anran, dissatisfied. But there is no alternative. Now that she and Lu Bainan and the others are walking so close, I feel even more jealous. Lu Bainan, a world-renowned fashion designer, designed many of her clothes. Especially now that there are only four return men’s suits on sale.

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