A person will eventually be a person, even if there are many friends, family, and relatives around him. They are your guide in life, and they are a beam of light to help you illuminate the way forward. But they can’t help you finish your life, nor can they decide your future for you. The one who can go to the end is by himself, not by others.

From kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, it is a group of people. Play together, study together, do anything together, your parents will do something for you, and your friends can always stay with you to help you solve problems. However, we went to university, left home, and left our parents. We and our friends who played with us also went our separate ways.

As people say: “a high school for a group of people, a university for one person”. We are already grown-ups, and many things have to be done on our own. Those who have been able to help us are no longer able to help us, and the rest of the road will eventually have to go on by ourselves.

In fact, in universities, it is very common for a person to come and go alone. A dormitory is composed of people from all over the country. Everyone has their own unique personality and habits. We can’t criticize others for their badness, we can only work hard. Good self. For me, being out of group is their evaluation of me. I like to be alone, so that I don’t have to spend my time for others, and do whatever I want without any hindrance. It will not affect my mood for dealing with too complicated interpersonal relationships.

People, it’s better to be simple. It’s easier for a person to succeed, and it’s easier for a person to develop a determined character and be more decisive in doing things. A person can be lonely, but with books as his companions, he can experience the world from books. A person is a person, stick to yourself, be yourself, live for yourself, and don’t stop your steps because of the eyes of others.

It’s nice to be alone, and move on to a better future. Come on!

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